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Top Foot and Ankle Doctors In Arizona

Dr. Katherine Hagmann is a board-certified podiatrist in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is a diplomate in the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Podiatric Medicine, and a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Dr. Ruth Kosak - Foot Doctor & Ankle Physician, Podiatrists In Scottsdale

Dr. Ruth Kosak was the first generation of podiatrists to complete three years of surgical and medical residency in the profession at the New York Community Hospital. Under the lead of Dr. Kosak, our foot and ankle physicians is your trusted foot doctor in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills. 

The Right Doctors For The Best Treatments

At Arizona Foot and Ankle Physicians in Scottsdale, our foot doctors are known for their experience and knowledge about foot treatments for the patient care.

Our foot doctors (Dr. Hagmann / Dr. Kosak) are the lead Podiatrists at our clinic with over two decades of experience in treating foot and ankle patients with complicated issues in Scottsdale. Our foot and ankle doctors are known for their years of experience & knowledge in treating patient efficiently, compassionately, and professionally.

Our doctors are top rated foot and ankle specialists and podiatrists in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Fountain Hills and nearby areas, who you can trust. 

At Arizona Foot and Ankle Physicians, our doctors offer the most advanced treatments in the valley. We treat a wide range of foot and ankle ailments. We will walk you through the whole foot care and ankle treatment from beginning to the end, so you can recover in a timely manner. 

Check out our online reviews and see why your foot and ankles are in good hands.

Foot and ankle injuries don’t always cause pain. If you think your foot or ankle is injured or starts hurting, it is a sign of foot trauma. 


Contact Arizona Foot and Ankle Physicians in Scottsdale, our Foot & Ankle Specialists will guide you through the process and ensure you are getting the best treatment available to help you recover. 

The Right Treatment For Faster Recovery

At Arizona Foot and Ankle Physicians in Scottsdale, our team of expert Podiatrists offer a wide range of highly effective foot treatments aimed at promoting fast patient recovery.