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Kevin T.
Treat me and my family like her own!
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Dr. Kosak is the reason that I am able to walk again... She gave me the best service for a doctor that I have ever had and she treated me and my family like her own. After I crashed my Harley and crushed my foot she helped me every step of the way and was never too busy for a phone call for ANY questions or concerns and held the upmost concern for my well being, my recovery, and making sure that I get the best treatment for the most affordable price.


You saved my life and made sure that I would be able to ride my Harley once again!
Samantha M.
Dr. Kosak is Amazing and personable!
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Dr. Kosak is AMAZING! She is very personable. Her staff are a direct reflection of her leadership. Everyone was helpful and most importantly transparent. Plus, the staff were flexible on payment plans. I was not a patient, my boyfriend was and I attended every appointment with him. I was treated with the same amount of respect.

If you need wound or foot and ankle care I seriously recommend you trust the reviews and come here. The staff here will be direct and professional with you from the jump. Honestly, these people really care about their patients! Much love to Dr. Kosak and her team.
Michael G.
It made me feel very very comfortable!
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Dr. Kosak is incredibly talented in her field. Her staff is warm and inviting. The office is clean, sanitary, and very warm. It made me feel very very comfortable. I get ingrown toenails a lot; which is what this visit was for. Anyone who does knows they’re painful as hell. My own primary care physician assigned a nurse practitioner to handle my toe and she was not able to remove the nail the last time and only got a chunk of it.. it grew back in two months.

Dr. Kosak examines my toe and my feet in general and she not only made a painful procedure nearly pain free, but gave me advice on shoes I should be wearing and other things she could identify by the way that I walked in. I will for sure be back for any other issues with my feet or toes. Hands down, best doctor I have ever been to.
Denise G.
I am very thankful for Dr. Kosak!
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After being misdiagnosed twice by two different podiatrists with arthritis and dealing with pain and swelling in my feet for well over ten years I was referred to Dr Kosak. I was skeptical as I had received such quick diagnosis in the past wasn’t really expecting a different diagnosis. That said, Dr Kosak did take her time with me and listened. She was concerned enough to order an MRI (which had not been suggested previously) and it was found that I had a very significant tear of the tibial tendon in my foot and ankle.

It is now three months post-surgery. My foot and ankle and toes are starting to feel like they will operate normal again. I feel I will become sturdy and balanced again. My hope is after lots of work my foot and ankle will be strong again. I still have pain, I still have some swelling, but it’s just part of the healing process.

Although the recovery has been longer and more uncomfortable than I had hoped, I am very thankful for Dr Kosak and her care. I would recommend Dr Kosak and wanted to give her and her entire staff some very positive feedback,
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I brought my 11-year-old daughter here to see Dr. Kosak. She was so very knowledgeable, caring, and had EXCELLENT bedside manner. It has been ages since I have been to a doctors’ office that treats it’s patience with such respect and kindness.

I highly recommend this office for foot issues.

Tina P.

Dr. Kosak shot straight and successfully repaired my severed tendon. First visit she was able to get me in same day, which 5 other local offices could not do. She was extremely helpful, I am so grateful for her. Highly recommended.

Tom P.

I stumbled upon Arizona Foot & Ankle online after a particularly bad experience with another Podiatrist in the Phoenix area. After weeks of being mistreated and dismissed by that first podiatrist in relation to my ankle fractures, I was overwhelmed with stress and pain and was tired of completely advocating for myself. Finding Dr. Kosak was the best thing that happened to me after my injury. She fit me in right away and addressed all my concerns at my first appointment. She gave me a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan and for the first time in weeks I finally felt like a doctor cared about my pain and fully treating my injury.

She always answered all my questions and explained things in a way that I could easily understand. I ended up needing surgery on my ankle and I could not have asked for a better person to perform it than Dr. Kosak. I recently had my last follow up appointment as I’m almost off crutches and recovering well and I am so thankful for all her help along the way during this stressful time in my life. If you’re looking for a skilled doctor that still genuinely cares for and makes enough time for her patients, look no further. The entire office staff is also friendly and helpful. This office made a difficult time so much easier for me.

Lindsey R.