Arthritis Foot and Ankle Care

Arthritis Foot Treatment and Ankle Care

Arthritis foot treatment and ankle care are among the most popular procedures for foot and ankle pain in the United State. Our Foot Doctor in Scottsdale, Dr. Hagmann or Dr. Kosak, recommend several foot treatments and ankle care to arthritis patients. Simply schedule your arthritis exam with one of our foot & ankle specialists at Arizona Foot and Ankle Physicians today!

What are arthritic foot?

Arthritis is the inflammation of the cartilage and lining of the joints. Although it can present itself at any age, arthritis is primarily found in those over 50.

Each foot has 33 joints, making them easy targets for arthritis. In some cases, arthritis can be extremely painful and debilitating.

There are two major types of arthritis on the foot:

  1. Osteoarthritis (also called “wear and tear” arthritis,) is the most common, typically brought on by the aging of joints. Cartilage breaks down over time, creating painful sensations and difficulty moving and articulating the joints. 
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis is the most serious form and can be majorly crippling. In the foot, it is a chronic inflammatory problem affecting the feet and ankles.



Arthritis Foot and Ankle Care In Scottsdale
Arthritic Foot Symptoms
  • Stiffness of joints (especially in the morning)
  • Limitation of joint movement
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • Rashes
  • Swelling in the joints
What are the arthritis foot treatments and procedures?

With early treatment, the symptoms of arthritis can be lessened and managed. The most common arthritic foot treatments and ankle care include:

  1. Limiting movement
  2. Physical therapy
  3. Exercise
  4. Anti-inflammatory medications
  5. Steroid injections
  6. Orthotics
Arthritis Foot and Ankle Care In Scottsdale

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